Social Networking Solutions and Consumers’ Trust

With a plethora of companies operating in the same domain of business, it becomes difficult to retain your customers. According to a recently conducted survey, consumers believe in realistic and authentic information. And hence the brands focus more on WYSIWYG mantra (What You See Is What You Get). Right from positive to negative reviews, everything is under easy access of the customers.

Social media plays a significant role in helping the brands inter-connect to their user base. Whether you are eyeing for increased profit margins or stronger business relations, social media enables you to gain word-of-mouth publicity for your brand. It is essentially an informal platform where sharing of ideas, thoughts and experiences becomes an easy ball game… Better connect means better publicity.

Though every business has a distinct approach to reach their target group, however there are some tried and tested ways with which you can create a better social media presence:-

• Accessibility to other reviews

Imagine that you have to buy software or perhaps Cloud Computing an expensive item as a television set. What would you normally do? In an ideal case scenario, you would read about different companies offering the desired product. After that you would go through the distinguishing features of the selected product. Next important step would be to read the reviews and testimonials of that product. As a consumer, we tend to go by the experience of other people who are using or had used that product in the past.

Companies that enable their customers to read or view the reviews and testimonials of their products/service scan create a positive space in their clients’ minds.

• Pictures and reviews

Suppose you have to hire a serviced apartment and you shortlist two websites. One displaying the picture of the serviced apartment along with the feature list, other including the text only. Which one do you prefer? Undoubtedly, the former. Why? Because a picture is worth thousand words.

And social media being an interactive medium, allows the users to share the pictures, videos, audio clips, etc. Let your prospects see the pictures (of your product/s) posted by your existing clients. It adds to the believability factor.

• Likes received

Facebook is one of the commonly used platforms of brand promotion. If you own a Facebook page for your company and have an active fan following, why don’t you boast that? Let your prospects view the number of likes you have received for a particular product/service.

You may not even imagine the effectiveness of word-of-mouth publicity.

• Mobile site content

Unlike an aggressive sales pitch, mobile site offers crisp and relevant information to the people who are hungry to learn online. If you can provide enough content to the inquisitive minds, the ball is in your court. A happy and content would love to share his/her opinion about your website, products/services.

The aforesaid social networking solutions enable the companies to win the trust of their target audience and create a social presence for themselves. Hope you find it useful!


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