Learn About the Sunglasses Celebrities Are Wearing

It’s been said that if you wait around long enough, most items will come back into style. Those of us who were around long enough to have bellbottoms the first time around and dashikis can relate. Sunglasses are no exception to the rules. Remember how popular Tom Cruise in Risky Business made Wayfarers? Elton John made popular the over-sized, squarish sunglasses. We may or may not remember the main characters names from The Matrix but we definitely remember what they wore over their eyes. Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, The Blues Brothers, Bono, Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt — all have made a fashion statement by their sunglasses. Who doesn’t remember The Aviators from Tom Cruise’s movie Top Gun? David Caruso of CSI: Miami has made an impact with his polarized sunglasses for men.

Most of us like the idea of being fashionable, hip, and keeping up with the latest trends. And while we need to be mindful that all styles do not fit every face, many of us can duplicate a particular look that we admire. For example, Paris Hilton loves sporting Christian Dior Motard style round sunglasses. Bono’s sunglasses are by Versace. Then we have the Biker Glasses that the crew from Orange County Chopper specifically Paul, Sr. and Paul, Jr. love to wear. As it so happens Paris Hilton and Jennifer Lopez have something in common aside from being paparazzi fodder: they both favor the Christian Dior Motard sunglasses. Steve-O isn’t just famous for being a Jackass: he also has put Crazy 8 sunglasses on the map.

Hey let’s face it. If we see a celebrity wearing something we really like, it increases our desire for that particular object. What we forget many times is that celebrity has a team of make-up artists, personal assistants, PR reps and all kinds of other people who support them so that they look good. Most of us can’t afford that kind of lifestyle, but we can still duplicate a particular look. It has been said that “the greatest form of flattery is emulation.” While a realistic approach is recommended, there are some simple guidelines you can follow and you can have the glamorous sunglass appearance:

  • If your face is square, find sunglasses that add length and are rounded, fluid frames.
  • If you are face is oval, you can wear just about any type but need to be mindful of the fact that the frame should be in proportion to the face.
  • If your face is round, choose frames with angular or straight lines – it helps the face look leaner and longer.
  • If your face is diamond-shaped, sunglass frames that are rimless or oval look particularly well.
  • If your face is rectangular in shape, round or soften the face.
  • If you have a triangular or inverted triangular facial shape, rimless or any other style that balances your features.

Who doesn’t enjoy being fashionable? Who doesn’t enjoy a coordinated and stylish ensemble? Whether you chose your look based upon input from friends, magazine spreads or just completely by accident it’s not difficult to find a pair of sunglasses to pull the look together.

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