Christian Alcohol Treatment Centers

Alcohol dependence often leads to not only physical but also psychological dependence on alcohol. This in turn may lead to various impairments and damages in various body organs, while at the same time leading to depression and break down of mental strength. Alcohol abuse entails negative effects for a patient’s family, workplace and social connections.

In this respect, often along with medications and therapies, an individual may need spiritual support as he needs to gain back the lost strength of mind.

Religion steps in to fulfill this need. A number of Christian Alcohol treatment Centers, located nation wide, help Christians dealing with such situations recover and reclaim their lives. These treatment centers, while following various approaches like person to person counseling, group support programmes, 12 step programmes, therapies, also believe in cultivating spiritual growth based on principles common to all Christ Centered families.

Examples of such Christian alcohol treatment centers are “Capstone Marijuana Withdrawal symptoms Treatment Center” which is a residential treatment program formulated for men dealing with substance abuse, or “Grace Track” which emphasizes Jesus Christ as the higher power in the path to recovery, or “Essence Treatment” (for women) and “Life Matters.”

The National Drug and Alcohol Treatment Referral Routing Service provides a toll free number, 1-800-662-HELP (4357), that could direct a patient to a Christian Treatment program in his or her area.

The common thread running through all these centers is that they blend together medical attention, behavioral therapies and Christian growth. Families are involved in the program ensuring that the patient gets support even at home. Patients are encouraged to participate in healing others after their own treatment is over. Support of this kind ensures that patients do not revert to their addictions after the treatment is over.

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